Friday, January 15, 2010

Metz- Nancy


The next day we drove into the Lorraine region—yes, where quiche lorraine originated—and stopped in Metz for the afternoon. The cathedral is the big draw—the locals call it “La Lanterne de Dieu” because of its height and its golden hue.


Breathtaking inside, with an inordinate number of stained glass windows, none of which photographed very well.


I was mesmerized by the wear on the steps leading up to the altar—centuries of hopeful or hopeless, faithful or faithless, trudging up and down, has left its mark in the shape of the stone.


And then we ran across a great little Christmas carnival! Oh man did we eat the best boudin blanc smothered in sauce…


One of the attractions was an animatronic “wonders of the animal world” type installation for kids. Sawyer loved the bears and farm animals but was a little freaked by the monkeys.


That evening we drove into Nancy, famous for its Place Stanislas (featured in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die,” if anyone has that one).


Holiday lights highlighting the gate and fountain.


You can see the cathedral at the opposite end of the street through the gates.


That night we stayed in a BnB in a working cattle farm. Here’s the hang out space; our room was to the right.


Chris photographed the property a little while I talked to the owner, who told me that in matters of health care, America is “pas très avancée.”


Sawyer bookin’ it to see the cows.




And there they are! This guys used to sell his meat all over the world before the mad cow outbreak. Now you can’t buy European beef in the States.


The house that we slept in was built in 1760.


A shot of the countryside as we cruised out of town, on our way to Strasbourg.


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