Thursday, December 9, 2010

Denver Puppet Theater--Rumpelstiltskin

Thursday is typically the day when Sawyer and I do a special, fun activity—in mid-October, we went to the puppet theater. It was so magical, I could tell he was enthralled. Since then we’ve had lots of fun making little puppets at home.

Here is the stage:


Before starting the show, the puppeteer explained to everyone how a spinning wheel works.


the miller’s daughter, her little rat friend, and the wicked jester.


After the show there were loads of puppets to play with and several stages where the kids could put together their own little shows.

 IMG_8700 IMG_8701 IMG_8702


The shadow theater:



And an art room where they got to decorate their own puppets.


And a gift shop with every kind of puppet imaginable.


Outside was a delightful little garden where we had a snack…

IMG_8711 IMG_8712 IMG_8713

…and where Sawyer got suddenly serious.


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